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We get it when it comes to self-defense products and your personal safety. You want something that makes you feel safer when you are walking or jogging by yourself. You want to feel safe when you are walking to your car at the end of the work day. You want your daughter to be safe when she’s at college. You want quality, but you don’t want to over pay. You like variety and options.

Unfortunately we live in an uncertain world where deadly situations can occur at any time or place. At Masoba SOS, one of our goals is to empower you and equip you with products and information to handle these types of incidents. After all, you have a right to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones.

We understand what our world is going through now.  Morality is taking a nosedive and there are more and more people making evil choices. Most of those evil actions are against people who are unprotected. Many times those crimes are not even punished.

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It makes no sense to go without some form of self-defense.
If you think nothing will happen to you, the odds are you're wrong.
It's silly and could be tragic to take the chance when we offer such inexpensive self-defense.
Take the time to check out our many products.
They will protect you, your loved ones, and your home.

Kind Words From Our Customers

Adolfo atwood
"Your bear spray is amazing! It's great quality and affordable. Yes, it has been used. Black bear country is where we live. They will climb our five-foot porch railing to reach the doors and windows. They will run lickity-split from this spray and won't return. It was just sprayed through the screens.

- Adolpho A.
Ida crowley
“The stun pen fits in my purse with my pens. I'm a healthcare professional and many animals don't like strangers in their homes. Any animal that hears the zap will be deterred by it. It can be very painful and deter criminals. Great defensive tool.”

- Ida C
Philip williams
“I purchased a Slider stun gun for my wife. She jogs in the evenings and I was concerned about her safety. It's lightweight and small enough to fit in her hand. And it packs a powerful punch. She stuck it in my ribs, and I fell to my knees. I am a big man. It makes me feel so much better knowing she has it with her when she goes for a jog. It's also nice that it has a flashlight. She says that it lights the path in front. It's a great buy!”

- Philip W.
Cecil moniz
“I sent the Runt stun gun to my daughter, after her apartment was broken into. Before I ordered it, I spoke with a relative who's a cop. He recommended the Runt stun gun and your prices were the best. My daughter tried it on one of her roommates. She's convinced that the stun gun will let her escape an attacker.”

- Cecil M.
Kathy fales
“Our grandchildren come over often. In the warm months they go in the pool. This is not a big deal because adults are always with the children in the warm months. But, in the cold months, when no one goes in the pool, that is when we need the pool monitored. I wouldn't want my 4 year old granddaughter accidentally falling in and no one noticing. With the pool alarm, we will notice!”

- Kathy F.
Amy gardner
"I bought several products from your site. I really appreciate the good prices and free shipping. Your prices are better than Amazon."

-Amy G.

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